*Each solo, duet/trio and group entry will receive a trophy and each dancer (excluding solo entries) will receive an award ribbon.

*All Gift Certificates/Cash prizes will be awarded to the studio director.

*You must compete on the assigned day and time to be eligible for High Score Awards. All solos, duets, trios, small groups, large groups, lines, and productions are automatically eligible for High Score Awards.

*High Score Awards will be given in each Competition Level. The levels never compete against each other.

*High Score Awards are given in each age division: Tiny 6 & Under, Petite 7-8, Junior 9-12, Teen 13-15, and Senior
16-21. Depending on the number of entries in a division, top three, top five, or top ten awards are given.

*Gift Certificates will be given to the first place High Score Award winners in the Recreational, Intermediate and Advanced categories

*Cash awards will be given to the entries receiving the highest score for the entire competition in the following categories ~ solo, duo/trio, small group, large group, and production. 

Supreme Awards
*Supreme Awards will only be given in the Advanced Division.
*Supreme Technique Award is presented to the teacher of the group with the highest technical score.
*Supreme Choreography Award is presented to the teacher of a group with the most creative and original              choreography.
*Supreme Entertainment Award is given to the teacher of the group the judges feel is most entertaining.

TITLE SOLOS – (Advanced Dancers Only)
Tiny Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 6 & Under
Petite Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 7-8
Junior Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 9-12
Teen Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 13-15
Senior Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 16-21

Advanced dancers are nominated by the Judges during competition then selected unanimously by the judges for the Title of Mr./Miss Wild About Dance. Up to ten nominations in each age category will be made.
Selection criteria will be based on showmanship and overall presentation, as well as technique. Only dancers who score a Platinum or Diamond are eligible for nomination. If no one scores a Platinum or Diamond it will be adjudicated to the next highest deserving top score. However, earning a Platinum or Diamond does not guarantee a nomination for Titles. Winners will receive a trophy, a medal or a crown and a Cash Award. Winning the Highest Score does not guarantee a Title Win.